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A Message from Wayne Eng, CEO Dance Vision & DVIDA

“On behalf of Dance Vision and DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association), I am thrilled to partner with SRDS as our official distrbuitor of the Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus in the Russian Federation.
The Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus is the most widely-used curriculum in the world.
Created in collaboration with former Smooth Champions, it is used and promoted by 400+ dance studios and independent teachers across the world.
It is revised yearly to ensure it is updated with the latest techniques.
I look forward to the expansion of the Smooth Style and distribution of
the Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus with the help of SRDS.”

What is Smooth?

Smooth is a ballroom dance style that consists of 4 dances: waltz – tango – foxtrot – viennese waltz, and danced in that order. It has tremendous freedom in artistry and choreography that allows dancers to create their own unique style and look. Technique is similar to International Ballroom while in moving figures, and it’s similar to Latin in hand/body connections and certain body parts.

Partners are allowed to separate from traditional dance hold into different dance positions, or be totally separated for multiple bars of music. One of the unique skills necessary for Smooth is the ability to enter and exit closed dance position seamlessly.

As waltz can be referred to as English Waltz, or Samba, the Brazilian Samba, Smooth can be called American Smooth, based on its country of original origin and development. However, around the world it is referred to as simply, “Smooth.” Smooth originally incorporated elements of social dancing that was started by Vern & Irene Castle in the early 20th century. It was formalized through the franchised dance studios of Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire In 1971, Smooth and Rhythm styles were combined for one professional event at the United States Ballroom Championships.

By 1984, the styles were separated. Smooth became its own 4-dance event that is danced at competitions today. In 2016, the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival, held Smooth for the first time as a professional event. Since then, Smooth’s popularity has exploded around the world.

The Smooth and International Ballroom styles are complementary to one another in the interchangeable technical expertise both require in order to produce a beautiful
connection of posture and frame through movement. This perhaps accounts for why so many of the past and current Smooth Champions also have a competitive International Ballroom background, and the fact that both styles dance to Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz music.

As far as differences go, the Quickstep is danced only in International Ballroom, and not Smooth. Additionally, the Smooth Style is unique in the choreographic opportunities afforded by it, allowing for transitions through multiple holds and proximities, which can result in wonderfully dynamic and uniquely personal performances from couples.




Whether pursued as a hobby, in a competitive nature, or as a profession, we believe ballroom dance creates opportunities for self growth and enhances life on and off the dancefloor. DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) is an independent, ballroom-focused association with a world-renowned curriculum, dance teacher exam and education structure, and student achievement program for its members.

Own your dance journey. We’ll help make things happen.


The DVIDA Syllabus was created in 2001, in collaboration with industry champions and experts. It is utilized by 400+ independent studios and dance teachers world-wide. All syllabus materials: manuals, charts, and video demonstrations, are available on the Dance Vision website or mobile app.

SRDS Russia


About SRDS

SRDS invites everyone to take part in the development of Smooth as a new genre of ballroom choreography, which includes four spectacular dances (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz) based on the aesthetics of the European program – Grace, flexibility, freedom of expression, not restrained by the boundaries of static positions, giving flying dynamics, generously seasoned with notes of latin, modern jazz and captivating ballet.

Smooth at the moment is fast becoming the newest & biggest dance style in Europe and is attracting great interest among professionals. SRDS urges our Russian couples to head this starting marathon of dance and we are confident that our couples will soon become world champions!